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Client Mr. Vivek

Area Site area 1200 sq ft | Built up area 3000 sq ft  

Status Completed

Photographer Ajay Devasia

A residence, built on a compact site and situated amidst dense foliage showcases an interplay of skillfully laid brickwork and neutral tones. The ground floor contains a foyer, a guest bedroom, and a lift lobby. Internal walls are minimized creating an open plan on the first floor and accommodating living, dining, kitchen, and pooja. A double-height space with a distinct jali functionally separates the living and dining areas, maintaining visual connectivity. It allows for change yet retains a certain continuity. Another distinctive feature is the coffered ceiling with alternate voids made as skylights above the double-height space. Fostering the connection between indoor and outdoor, the jali and skylight illuminate the first floor with natural light, creating interesting patterns of shades and shadow depending on the position of the sun. The two bedrooms, kid's and master bedroom on the first floor with their louvered windows overlooking the living area below provide a sense of security to residents. Terraces opening to greenery, natural light, warm tones, the natural surface of bricks and wood breathes life into the interior, provides warmth and stimulates connection with nature.

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