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06.06.2022front elevation.jpg

Client Mr. William

Area   Site Area=2400 Sq ft | Built up Area: 5000 Sq ft

Team Design Matters Architects

Status Ongoing

Photographer Design Matters Architects

With piercing angles, subtle natural shades, and smoothly intersecting forms and voids, this contemporary residence is a true visual delight. Situated at a prime location in Koramangala, this 2400 sq ft site Faces a huge raintree on the opposite side of the road. The design takes advantage of the east facing site and the trees to orient the bedrooms and living areas in this direction End to end bay windows are provided for the bedrooms so that one can sit by, admire the greenery, read or just relax. These raw tones are balanced with the generous glazing over the facades, thereby extending a delicate appearance to the structure. The spaces are constantly in touch with the exterior environment with the integration of vegetated open spaces and vast apertures that provide generous views and natural light.

06.06.2022side view.jpg
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