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Client  Prayaag 

Area   9000 sq ft

Team Design Matters Architects

Status Completed in 2014

Photographer Design Matters Architects

With a splash of colour, a playful merge of forms, and spaces that enlighten, the Prayaag Montessori School enriches the young soul at every turn, creating the finest early-life experiences. Keeping the mindset of our young users at the heart of this institution, the structure has been designed to instantly captivate them and create a warm yet fun learning experience. The use of bright colours and the dissimilarity between forms and voids help break the monotony and stimulate their minds positively. Natural materials with bright colour just as Yellow Jaisalmer marble, Green Kota is used for the flooring and the building façade is a warm red brick cladding interspersed by bright colours The students are constantly exposed to the exterior environment through expansive glazing and open spaces in order to comfort their senses while entering a new environment. This school not only helps the students learn but makes the process an exciting one, thereby providing a holistic environment for their growth and enrichment.

Prayaag montessori lelevation2.JPG
Prayaag montessori elevation1.JPG
Prayaag montessori lobby (1).JPG
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